Get Involved

There are several things you can do:

  1. Write to the government

    – we want an enquiry into the Brent library closure programme.For the sake of a 2 minute email, do not miss this opportunity. Thousands are affected by the closure, thousands need to write in. See below.

  2. Volunteer

    – we are all volunteers and welcome anyone with a little time or a skill to contribute to the Preston Community Library nestling in the doorway of our old one.

  3. Events

    – Come to one of our events – pub quizes, celebrities, dances, auctions and karaoke

  4. Donate

    Donations for the ongoing campaign to reopen the library are always welcome. Preston Community Library is now  registered charity and we are looking to set up a proper Community Library that can exist in the longer term.

  • Swing by Bunce-Linsell Public Notary at 235 Preston Road  to make a donation in person. Map.
  • Email us and we can tell you the details.
  • Donate unwanted mobile phones, games consoles, CDs and DVDs, anything you don’t need – just email us and we’ll collect. Simple.
  • Use a cashback site for your normal online shopping – it won’t cost you a penny. Details here.

Volunteers and donation offers: Email Us



It is absolutely vital you ALL write to  SAJID JAVED (at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport) and demand an enquiry. This could save our library, but it needs hundreds of letters and emails to be sent NOW.

Thousands are affected by the closure of Preston Library, thousands of letters must land on Sajid’s desk. It takes 2 minutes to write a short email. Do it now. Get your neighbours and kids to sign it.

What can you do?

  1. Cut and paste the text below, or click on this document: Letter
  2. FILL IN and send to:

Rt Hon Sajid Javed MP
Secretary of State for Culture, Olympics, Media and Sport
Department for Culture Media and Sport
2-4 Cockspur Street



Dear Mr Javed

Unlawful closure of Brent Libraries in contravention of the Public Libraries and Museums Act 1964

I,                                                                   call upon you to conduct an urgent public inquiry into the conduct of Brent Council in closing half of the libraries in the borough and failing in its statutory duty to provide a “comprehensive and efficient” service for people who “live, work or study” in the borough.

I came to Preston Library today for the purposes of
borrowing a book/returning a book/borrowing a DVD/returning a DVD/ borrowing a talking book/using a computer/accessing the internet/doing research/finding out information/reading the newspaper/reading a book or newspaper in my native or another language/studying with or without fellow students/quiet space/doing an activity/meeting other people/other

I was unable to do this because the library was boarded up with a notice telling me to go to Kingsbury Library and Ealing Road Library instead.

I am unable to do this because

it is too far away/I cannot afford to pay the fare for public transport to get there/I do not have time to go there/I cannot travel there by myself/I have mobility problems/ it would take too long to get there and back/I don’t know where it is/I feel threatened by the journey/it is too inconvenient to get there/it is too crowded there/it costs money to drive and park there/it is practically too difficult to get there with my children/

This is a breach of my rights to have to access a library and contravenes the Act referenced above. I would like your written assurance that you will intervene before Brent Council takes irrevocable action to remove this essential service.

Yours sincerely



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