Brent S.O.S

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The closure of Brent’s 6 libraries, despite massive opposition, will take place between May and September this year.  Action needs to be taken now to stop this happening.

Silent protest by Brent Library Campaigners

Silent protest by Brent Library Campaigners

Preston Library Campaign has joined Brent SOS (Save Our Six) Libraries, a coalition of all library campaigns in Brent. We are working together to prevent this unnecessary closure, by bringing an important legal challenge. We are currently raising funds and need your help.

Campaigning groups for the six libraries have agreed to raise funds for a judicial review of Brent Council’s decision to be brought by John Halford, a partner in a specialist firm of solicitors, Bindmans LLP.

To date, he has been advising campaigners free of charge, but the case now needs to be properly funded so that a barrister can be instructed and the judicial review issued in the High Court urgently.

There are people in the community who will be eligible for legal aid and the judicial review can be brought in their names.

But because the whole community will benefit from a successful challenge, the Legal Services Commission require a “community contribution” of £30,000 towards the costs.

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