1960s Film Night – Saturday 30th September

On Saturday 30th September 2017

Join us at Preston Community Library for celebration of 1960’s Films.


Tickets are free at: sixtiesfilmnight.eventbrite.co.uk or from the library.

Do you remember what it was like going to the cinema in the 1960s?  Did you go to the ABC or into the West End to see the latest film?  Was it a big occasion or did you go every week?  What stands out from the experience – the films, the cinemas, the atmosphere, the advertisements?
 Over the last 4 years, University College London has run a research project on 1960s cinema.  They collected memories from almost 1000 people of ‘going to the pictures’ half a century ago. Come to the Library on Saturday, September 30 at 7.15 and the team will tell us about the fascinating results of this project. We will also watch a film from the period and discuss our own memories of going to the cinema in the 1960s.
1960s filmnight