October Events at Preston Community Library

Save the date!

AF cover 4Thursday 3rd October:  National Poetry Day – WATER

1 – 3 pm at 235 Preston Road.

The theme for National Poetry day is Water and we ‘re looking for suggestions so any suggestions of poetry and nursery rhymes mentioning water or the sea.  So far we have Jack and Jill, Dr Foster went to Gloucester, the Owl and the Pussycat and I must go down to the sea again by Spike Milligan and the original! Email us here

Monday 14th October:  Anniversary of the opening of Preston Community Library – ANIMAL FARM

I hope as many of you as possible can pop in for the Anniversary of our community library.  Our banned book this year is Animal Farm – very appropriate for Brent!  We hope to read the entire book.  Marilyn has a shortened version so if any children want to read, they can read from that.

Volunteers to assist always welcome.

We are also looking for volunteers to help us catalogue our new pile of books in Urdu and the works of Shakespeare.

Email us here
We can be found at 235 Preston Road, Wembley.