Chief Exec earns more than Prime Minister

Gareth Daniel, the man lambasted by Lord Laming for his  role in the failure to protect murdered 8 year old Victoria Climbie (see 5.5, The Victoria Climbie Inquiry) earns £60,000 more than David Cameron.Gareth Daniel earns more than the Prime Minister

The Brent Chief Executive takes home £203,342 each year, plus £28,793 in pensions from the council that has one of highest pension deficits in the country.

Meanwhile, 24 council workers take home more than £100,000 per year according to the Taxpayers Alliance.

Lorraine King writes in the Kilburn Times:

Figures revealed by Taxpayers’ Alliance also claims Gareth Daniel, chief executive, earned £203,342 last year

The former director of environment and culture, who left their post in September 2010, received a redundancy package worth £111,155 bringing their final payment for the 12 months leading up to April last year to £230,342.

The figures have angered campaigners who have been opposing swathing cuts in then borough as the council attempts to save around £104million over four years.

Casualties so far includes half of the boroughs libraries, day care centres and nurseries. In the next 12 months a £14m cuts programme will see a reduction in funds for disabled children’s transport, funding slashed from projects designed to raise awareness of mental health issues in schools and the Connexion scheme left with a £500,000 blackhole.