Want to use a Brent Library computer? Forget it…

Brent Council have made much of the ability to book library computers…from the comfort of your home computer. Neither the courts  nor the politicians seem to see the absurdity of this. It gets better, one user reports:

Strangely enough, I do want to book a computer in a Brent library, from my laptop at home, so I can print something. They made a lot of their online booking facility, but when you go on their website, it suggests you use the ‘booking terminal’ at the library or ring them up!

For posterity, here is the website, noting the very recent date it was updated (27/02/2012):

Brent Council computer booking screenshot March 2012

Try it yourself on the Brent Council website. It’s part of a game I call: “I lost my library and nothing is replacing it.”


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