Is this Brent’s improved library service?

Infographic showing Brent's new 19th century library service

Since October 13 2011, Brent has had 6 libraries. We were all promised a better service.

Implemented for 8 weeks, planned for over a year, this is what the new, improved, ’21st century’ Brent library service looks like:

  • 23 hours extra gained but 218 hours LOST
  • Small libraries have not magically grown bigger. Overcrowding is a problem: children and other users sit on the floor after school.
  • No improvements to transport – limited and expensive parking…. no extra buses on already overcrowded routes… no trains and inaccessible stations…..
  • 5 weeks to get a delivery of books for elderly or disabled. No service for hard working parents. No opportunity to choose your own books.
  • You need a computer to contact home delivery, you need a computer to choose your own books… but if you don’t have a computer? Get on a [overcrowded] bus! (Cllr. Powney, 2011)
  • 6 libraries reduced to 5 by next spring – the largest (Willesden Green) in the borough to be bulldozed.