“We’ll make our own holidays thank you” says Preston Library Campaign as Brent cancels Christmas

Preston Library Campaign will bring seasonal cheer and goodwill to all this weekend to celebrate Christmas and Hanukkah with carol singing for the community this evening and a Christmas Party at the Windermere Pub on Saturday night.

Brent Council has this year REFUSED to provide a Christmas tree or Hanukah lights, despite spending £HALF A MILLION of taxpayers’ money on Christmas promotions on Willesden High Street and activities at Willesden Library. Tonight our merry band of singers took celebrations into their own hands, walking from the Green up to Preston Road station to entertain commuters, shoppers and local shopkeepers.

The only “Christmas present” that is being bestowed on this diverse community is parking ticket machines, which will be effective from the new year, and from which the council hopes to extract more than £117,000 a year from local residents and further damage trade for the independent retailers of Preston Road. This flies in the face of retail guru Mary Portas’s recommendations presented this week on how to revive Britain’s high streets.