Now we are Preston Library Minus…

A letter from a local person to Kingsbury Library Plus:

Dear Ms —- ,

Thank you for your e-letter in response to the comments I made about Preston Library. I have just returned from holiday to find the library completely boarded up following the High Court’s decision.

I have books in my possession and I cannot get to the Town Hall or Kingsbury Libraries so easily. The Town Hall library is a 48 minute return walk. This figure does not include time in the library. I could use a bus which will cost me £2.60 return on an Oyster Card. I also have a back problem which limits the amount I can carry. The same journey time, carriage problems and transport costs apply to Kingsbury Plus Library.

Now that we are Preston Library Minus, can you please advise me about returning my books and how your closures have improved the library service for me.

Following the judge’s decision, I heard Cllr Ann John on the Radio 4 PM programme on 13th October. She said that her vision of Brent’s 21st Century Library Service was to have “libraries with good wheelchair access, excellent transport links in busy shopping centres.” This has been our argument for keeping Preston Library open right from day one.

Preston Road Library was a ten minute walk away. I would pop books into my shopping trolley and shlap them to the library and shop on the way back. There is no free library car park in Kingsbury Library Plus. Does the “Plus” mean plus travel time and plus transport costs?

I await your response about my books borrowed from the building that now stands behinds Brent’s Wall of Shame.

Yours sincerely,

An ex-Preston Library user,
Preston Road,
Wembley HA9