Illogical, Wasteful and Arrogant. Welcome to 21st Century Brent

Willesden Green Library, whose virtues were extolled ad nauseum by Ann John is to be knocked down next year.  And that is one of the saved libraries. So that’s leaves 5 libraries, none of which have enough capacity for the extra users they are supposed to now be serving.

Why? Because it was (whisper it) PERFORMING POORLY. Unlike Preston. And it was supposed to be the place Kensal and Cricklewood users were to go to.

With costs of around £560,000 a year, closing it early would have saved all 6 libraries and then some. Something we proposed in March. Instead the council has decided to keep spending the same  amount of money – without the library.

2 floors of the biggest library in Brent will be reduced to a tiny office space, 130 study spaces reduced to 8, books will have to be out in storage costing £9,000 a year, and they’ll have lirbary events in “pop-up” ve,ues around Brent.

So instead of using existing libraries to host events, students and books, they’ll be spending a massive £560,000 on unidentified venues and book storage.

It’s stupid, illogical, wasteful and arrogant. But if it’s not illegal, Brent will do it.

Welcome to the 21st Century.