Latest campaign news

The verdict on our landmark Judicial Review could come this week, or we may have to wait longer.

Sign up to the email list and you will get the very latest – when we know it, you’ll know it.  Until we are assured the library will stay open and continue to do what it has done so well for decades, we will keep going. We still need your help to lobby and raise money – but we’re making it as easy and fun as possible….

1. Please keep writing to Jeremy Hunt, the man in charge of Libraries – we may still need the government to intervene, and we cannot afford to wait. It takes minutes and can really make a difference.

2. There are more events coming up,  –  I can tell you that another Great Preston Pub Quiz is planned for September, but for the rest, you’ll have to wait. We’ve had concerts, famous actors and writers, SOS dances and garden parties – each one a huge success – so expect something special.

3. If you want a REALLY  EASY way to contribute, here are 3 great ideas:

a) Donate for FREE – just buy your insurance, utilities or shopping online via and they will pay Brent SOS the cashback. It costs you nothing and it’s totally above board. Even just getting insurance quotes from the usual comparison sites can earn us a few pounds – just do it via Quidco:

– Go to
– Login as Brent SOS (username: / password: sos2011).
– Find whichever company you wish to buy from, click on it and it will take you to their website.
– Do your shopping as normal and enjoy.
The company you are buying from will pay Quidco for bringing them customers, and Quidco will give that to us.

b) Unwanted mobile phones, games consoles, DVDs and CDs? Donate them to us. Simples. Just email here and we’ll collect.

c) September 18th – Paul Lorber from the Barham Campaign is doing a sponsored 5km run for Brent SOS Libraries. Rather hilariously, it’s a Brent Council organised event.  Join him or sponsor him. Email here to pledge your support.

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