Demand a government enquiry – NOW!

Urgent News

The government is to decide in SEPTEMBER whether it will intervene in Brent. It is absolutely vital you ALL write to Jeremy Hunt (at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport) and demand an enquiry. This could save our library, but it needs hundreds of letters and emails to be sent as soon as possible – they said they would make a decision by September, this hasn’t happened, so we still have time.

Thousands are affected by the closure of Preston Library, thousands of letters must land on Jeremy’s desk.

It takes 2 minutes to write a short email. Do it now. Get your neighbours and kids to sign it.

What can you do?

1. Write a short email by clicking:

  • tell the Secretary of State why you will not be able to use another library if we lose ours – they may be too far, you may have small children who cannot go on their own, you can’t afford the bus fares, you have a disability and can’t travel easily. How will the loss of Preston Library affect YOU.

2. Download this:  Letter to Rt Hon Jeremy Hunt MP – Aug 2011

  • Add your own comments and sign OR just sign as it is and email to:
  • Personalised letters are less likely to be dismissed, so please try to add own comments of you can

3. Just send us your name and address and we’ll add you to our petition. Email us:

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Ruling postponed till October

The verdict for the Judicial Review has been postponed until October. This is good news as our libraries will remain open until then. We’re glad the judge is taking his time considering such an important issue.

As Wembley Matters blog explains:

As Brent Council promised to keep the libraries open until the decision this means that the Summer Reading Scheme should go ahead as normal at the six threatened libraries.  Bindmans the solicitors handling the case will have talks with Brent’s solicitors to ensure that no significant damage is done to the Brent library service in the meantime.

Meanwhile, we have reached a whopping £20,000 – two thirds of our fundraising target – in just a few month. keep coming to our events, tell your friends and help us save your library.



Film: What is Brent about to lose?

YNUKtv is a fresh new channel with an output inspired by people in communities across the UK. People like us. They came to record what we are losing for posterity. Follow the YouTube channel here.

Latest campaign news

The verdict on our landmark Judicial Review could come this week, or we may have to wait longer.

Sign up to the email list and you will get the very latest – when we know it, you’ll know it.  Until we are assured the library will stay open and continue to do what it has done so well for decades, we will keep going. We still need your help to lobby and raise money – but we’re making it as easy and fun as possible….

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