Brent Council in the Dock – Day 2 cont…

We’re actually coming to the end of day 3 now, the final day of the hearing. I will post an round up what happened today later on.

But in the meantime, you might be interested to hear what happened yesterday, on day 2 when we finished our bit and Brent began their defence.

Save Kensal Rise Library did an excellent write up on their site:

…for many watching, it was the arguments made about Brent’s inadequate consultation process and the failure to properly consider community proposals that really hit home, and some of these arguments seem to have resonated with the judge…

As did the venerable Elaine from ‘I spy in Queens Park’.

Read also Tara Brady’s account from the Wembley and Brent Times.

Congratulations also to the Kensal Rise team for their fantastic Philip Pullman fundraiser last night.

We’re still fundraising and welcome all donations. See the events page for more ways to join in.

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