Brent Council in the Dock – Day 2

It’s day 2 and Brent Council have begun their defence. The hearing will continue tomorrow at the same times to allow us to respond to their defence. It was a full house again today, as dedicated campaigners from all over Brent came to hear what the Council has to say for itself. Both and the were in attendence – though the big story will be when the verdict is announced. There were scurrilous rumours that the verdict would come tonight, which we promptly scotched. The hearing won’t be done till tomorrow so a verdict today would be very premature. It’s most likely to come next week.

For a fuller account of yesterday’s hearing, see Elaine’s account in her I Spy in Queens Park blog here:

A large group of Save our Six supporters rallied by the Strand entrance to the Court from 9am onwards, with banners and the eye-catching red t-shirts.

Once inside there was a slightly surreal moment as there was a previous application about whether a woman had been illegally detained under immigration legislation once a medical examination had revealed scars on her inner thighs which were diagnostic of her having been tortured (in the country from which she’d fled). One hard-of-hearing library supporter, after listening for about 20 minutes, asked “Is this the application against Brent council?”

Meanwhile the public gallery was being dusted down (literally) and given a quick squirt of furniture polish to make space for the 60 or so SOS supporters who couldn’t all fit in to the main part of the court.

I Spy in Queens Park

Library manager and campaigner Ian Anstice was also contacted by  and spoke to    ……Listen again here.

Today we could be found in:

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2 thoughts on “Brent Council in the Dock – Day 2

  1. Best of luck tomorrow. The country’s library campaigners are watching. I’m not an author by the way – I manage a library and, in my spare time, do the Public Libraries News website at chronicling the cuts, closures and campaigns around the country. I’m also the a member of the Voices for the Library team.

    Another BBC producer was again in touch with me today but I don’t know for which programme and whether it was about Brent (it probably was) – she was asking about how I add up all the numbers to get the tally of library closures.

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