Preston Road under attack

Closing the only public use building in the area isn’t enough. Selling Preston Library off isn’t enough.  Brent intends to introduce parking charges on Preston Road – because:

 “It’s fairer for everyone for all shopping areas in Brent to have a pay and display rather than Preston Road being the only one that doesn’t.” (Council Spokesperson)

So although there is no evidence that Preston Road would be BETTER OFF with parking charges, we will get them anyway. Because other high streets have them.  Hardly a reason is it?

Preston Road is finally a thriving high street with a good selection of shops that, unlike the council, serve the community. Asking people to pay for parking will send drivers to Asda and Sainsbury, damaging local businesses and our community. The consultation lasted a mere three weeks, and we expect the council to stick to form and ignore all opposition.

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