Pub Quiz proves Preston uses its library

Last night’s pub quiz at The Preston pub was another huge success… it’s clear plenty of residents have been reading up (though others clearly need to spend even more time in the library – you know who you are!)

The Brent SOS library campaign continues – we are touring school fairs and other local events to remind people of 2 things:

1. Preston Library is NOT CLOSED, and the battle goes on to keep it that way.

2. The public need to DONATE and help us raise money to stop the library’s closure. There is no other way.

Please tell all your friends and neighbours this, spread the word. There are many ways you can help:

There are several things you can do:

  1. Write to the government – we want an enquiry into the Brent library closure programme. For the sake of a 2 minute email, do not miss this opportunity. Thousands are affected by the closure, thousands need to write in. Details here.
  2. Volunteer– we are all volunteers and welcome anyone with a little time or a skill to contribute. Whether its leafletting your neighbours, helping us fundraise or looking at council documents, we need you! We are selling badges and t-shirts, and we need people to go to various summer fairs to raise awareness.
  3. Donate – we are currently fundraising for the important and ground-breaking legal challenge. If you wish to donate anything, email us and let us know.
  4. Boards – Get a Salter McGuinness board in your garden – we get £5 for each one.
  5. Events – Come to one of our events – more to come.

Volunteers and donation offers: Email Us

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