Cllr Ann John in hiding – and other news

Latest stories from sister campaign, Save Kensal Rise Library’s website:

People of Brent tell Cllr Ann John: don’t hurt Brent’s young people. Save our libraries.

Pressure is mounting on embattled Brent council leader Ann John and Culture councillor James Powney, as hundreds of residents – over 400 – turned out to hear Alan Bennett in support of Brent’s libraries at a sold-out event, packing full a large church, and raising almost £5000 in one evening alone. The event was also broadcast on BBC Newsnight and has had widespread press coverage, both national and local.

…Labour Party members are said to be furious with Powney and Ann John’s behaviour, and have voted through a motion of no confidence in the Council Executive’s handling of the library closures, fearing a huge defeat on an unprecedented scale at the next council elections.

Read all about it, and see the Alan Bennett video here.

Cllr Ann John in hiding from national press over libraries 

The Brent Council leader, who infamously told residents at library consultation meetings to “go to Tesco instead”, ducked out of a BBC Newsnight interview. Brent Council had been invited to appear, but refused.

Brent Council concedes: library closures will affect A-Level students

In one of the most significant developments so far, Brent Council has announced that library closures would not happen until after the 2011 exam season – thus confirming that the proposed library closures will affect Brent’s young people and their studies.

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