Council speechless at silent protest

Brent SOS Library protestors staged a silent banner protest at the Mayor making ceremony on Tuesday. After standing for a few minutes, they left, having made their point to councillors determined to close our libraries.

In the absence of a proper response to the concerns of Brent citizens to the unnecessary loss of local services, an enraged Chief Executive Gareth Daniels (who earns around £250,000 a year) resorted to the rather weak accusation that we were

Image courtesy of Wembley and Brent Times

making political statements

Hardly.  As Laura Collignon, of Brent SOS, explained:

The council was celebrating the community champions but at the same time the council won’t even talk to us when we’re similarly trying to serve the community.”

We are working on behalf of our communities, not any political party, to save an important public service. It does nobody any favours pretending it is otherwise.


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