BBC Radio 5Live and Preston Library

Yet another BBC channel has taken note of Preston Library, and the absurdity of its closure.

A well-used local library will close to meet the unknown demand of unknown users in the areas surrounding the 6 that will remain open.

This is not a response to a tight budget but rather expensive social engineering with no obvious pay-off to anyone. Oh, except HQ librarians and Cllrs who want to be in charge of state-of-the-art under-used buildings

Being the BBC, it takes a balanced approach, talking to a variety of people, including our very own Simon Gurevitz, and the lovely library-loving Councillor James Powney. The fact remains that the people of Brent have overwhelmingly rejected closure – in the consultation, in petitions and at every public meeting on the subject. It may not have been a referendum, but when people were asked for their views (and many were not), the results were clear.

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