Brent’s “fat cat” salaries

The Taxpayer’s Alliance 2011 Town Hall Rich List is out.

A whopping 29 council officers are paid more that £100,000 a year, making Brent a top 10 “fat cat” local authority.

Cornwall Council comes top of the Rich List, with 32 officers earning £100k+. Just 3 more than our dear cash-strapped Brent. EXCEPT Cornwall is NOT closing its libraries to meet budget cuts.

Chief executive, Gareth Daniel, takes home a massive £250,000 (including pension) at a time when we are being to accept cuts to services.

As Wembley & Brent Times reported:

Brent boss, Gareth Daniel who has cut a controversial figure during his tenure at the council, earns £60,000 more than the Prime Minister and a staggering seven times as much as a newly qualified teacher working in inner London, who takes home £27,000 a year.

Priorities eh?

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